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有機合成化学は、有機分子を作り出すあらゆる先端技術の基幹研究分野として重要であり、また、21世紀のニーズに応えていく必要がある。本研究室では、効率的・選択的新規有機反応の開発、再生可能な物質を利用する新規合成反応の開発、その新反応を用いた生理活性分子の創製、新しいマテリアルの創製などの研究を進めている。研究テーマとして、高い反応性を持つ基質の合成反応への利用、触媒を用いたまたは無触媒による新規効率的反応の設計、その不斉合成への応用 、新反応を利用した有用物質の合成などの研究を行なっている。


We are interested in the development of new efficient reactions and synthetic methods, including use of renewable resources and their application to biologically active compounds and new organic materials. In our research to date, we have shown that ethenetricarboxylate derivatives are highly electrophilic Michael acceptors or electron-deficient C=C components in various synthetic reactions. Lewis acids also promote the reactions of ethenetricarboxylate derivatives efficiently. Novel cyclization and addition reactions gave the compounds shown below.

For example, reaction of allyl ethenetricarboxylates and the amides with Lewis acids such as TiCl4, TiBr4, AlCl3 and AlBr3 gave 3,4-trans halogenomethyl 2-oxotetrahydrofuran and pyrrolidine derivatives stereoselectively in high yields (1). Reaction of 2-substituted 2-propenyl amides with AlCl3 gave 2-oxo-5,6-dehydropiperidines as the major products. The preference for six- over five-membered-ring formation in the reactions of 2-substituted 2-alkenyl substrates has been observed (2).

Intramolecular [2+2] and [4+2] cycloaddition reactions of cinnamylamides of ethenetricarboxylate in sequential processes have been studied. Reaction of 1,1-diethyl 2-hydrogen ethenetricarboxylate and trans-cinnamylamines in the presence of EDCI/HOBt/Et3N led to pyrrolidine products in one pot, via intramolecular [2+2], [4+2] and some other cyclizations. The types of the products depend on the substituents on benzene ring and the reaction conditions (3). The reaction of the amides bearing cyclic ether and acetal groups in the presence of catalytic Lewis acid such as Sc(OTf)3 gave spirocyclic piperidine derivatives as major products. The cyclized products may be formed via intramolecular hydride transfer (4). The scope and limitations of the hydride transfer/cyclization reactions of amides of ethenetricarboxylates was investigated and morpholine formation by intramolecular oxy-Michael addition was also found.

Current Group Members:

Kakeru Go: Masaki Sawada: Mai Yamamoto: Hirotaka Sugiura (Osaka Pref. Univ.)

Representative Recent References:


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